Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Contra Yogini (Part II)

A continuous stream of information
Broadcast by the insects:

At the sound of the tone,
Please leave a message.

Ah, they will think.
No one home.
It's good for them to think—
Don't do it for them.

Feel free to shout at the screen.
Feel as free as possible.
Feel freer.

-excerpted from Jordan Davis' "The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World"

I've devoted a good ten hours or more to writing a piece that I may or may not post here. It essentially chronicles my relationship (small R) with the German, though I'm feeling increasing more reticent about the subject. How do you write about a "nonrelationship"? Moreover, how do you write about a nonrelationship that culminated in the most intense feeling of love that you've heretofore known? How do you write about it in a way that preserves the privacy and dignity of your beloved while targeting the still beating heart of your own story? And how can anyone stomach one more single solitary sentimental word about this damned German anyway? 

"Feel freer" is my motto. Free to leave myself open. Free to tell the truth to myself. Free to come to my own conclusions. Free to move on. Free to hang up.

Feel it, Jen. 

Feel freer.