Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mmm Magic

Wow.  It has been an awful long time since I've posted, hasn't it?  Well, I apologize.  Really, I do. Kiss and make up, my darlings?

In my defense, October wasn't all that interesting of a month for me.  In fact, I can hardly think of one notable occurrence therein (outside of some remarkably gruesome ER intakes at Wild Bird Rehab).  Mostly, I spent the days working despairingly and the nights smoking copiously.  Weekends predominately involved brunching, reading, and working out.

November, on the other hand, was extraordinary.  That was the month I joined OkCupid (OkC) and I subsequently spent the following thirty days contentedly binging on the fruits of my OkC endeavors.  I am, admittedly, drawn to online social networking in all of its various formats (as witness, my endless twittering), so that was part of the OkC appeal.  But an even bigger component was realizing that a veritable cornucopia of dating opportunities awaited me online.  At some point in my twenties, I began to presume that meeting a like-minded, atheistic, intellectually vibrant, freaky freak in this outwardly vanilla town was a nearly impossible prospect.  Turns out, I was utterly mistaken.  Rather, St. Louis is stuffed to the brim with the polyamorous, the unconventional, the kinky, and the unexpected. 

In December, I began dating a younger man who could conservatively be characterized most accurately as a fucking sex god.  I won't go into too many details here*, but suffice to say, he has superbly met and exceeded all of my expectations, thus far.  In him, I've found my ideal GGG** partner.  At turns dominant, creative, tender, insatiable, and far more.  Not only that, but his intellect truly entices me, too.  In sum, I feel incredibly fortunate to have met him.

Outside of the fucking and the dating, I've spent much of this month in the gym and on the yoga mat.  I want my body to become the perfect machine.  That probably sounds highly crass and self-involved to the uninitiated, but the sex I'm having is absolutely transformative.  It is sex magic.  It is consecrated.  It is worth. the. effort. 

More later, my dears.  xxx ooo  *lewd gesture*


*(Since he may be none too appreciative of my writing of our exploits so publicly.)

**Good, Giving, Game