Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boll Weevils

About a month ago, while I was working the evening shift at WBR, I noticed that there were these curious, exquisitely tiny, black bugs happily crawling about in some of our bird seed.  I had never seen these bugs in our seed before, so I brought some to my supervisor for inspection and she reassured me not to worry about them.  She gamely explained that these were merely boll weevils and that they couldn't hurt the birds.  (To be sure, the birds were eating the weevils right along w/ the seed.)

When I heard the words boll weevils, I immediately recalled the below video and exclaimed, "So THOSE are what boll weevils are!"

And now, you all know, too--

Of course, I hummed this pithy wee tune for the rest of the night, completely unable to erradicate it from my head.  You'll probably soon know all about that, as well :)

They're lookin' for a home!