Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Moments ago, I received the following message in my e-mail inbox--

I know you want it, I know you want it from me.  I have created a fictional person on [Facebook] named Scrable Whoritic.  Her email is ********@yahoo.com and her password is wordwhore.  I have started a game with her, but sadly she does not exist, so it may be her turn forever! So sad, isn't it Jen?!?
-[Scrabble Pimp/Trick]

Oh, suuuure.  Clearly, I am the one who wants it.  After all, I did go through all of the trouble of setting up a dummy FB account and a Scrabble game and all.  I JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT.


No, really.  I am gonna go play my turn just as soon as I publish this blog post.  He is right.  I do want it and I do want it from him.  Scrabble is a naughty, naughty game, my droogs...