Saturday, May 15, 2010

Whispering @ 7:25

Quite possibly the sexiest thing I've ever seen:

@ 8:16:  Whispering is cut short.  Meg looks up.  Glares at cameraman disapprovingly:  "George."  Pauses.  Then winks.

Jack:  "Where's George?" [Feints, as if Meg hadn't already warned him.]

Meg:  "George is right there." Points at camera.  Smiles coquettishly. 

Jack:  Looks into camera.  Discovered.  Holds head in his hands despairingly.

Meg:  "We're having a secret conference...It's things you don't want to know about, George.  Because...they would be too scandalous..."

In sum, voyeurism. is. hot.