Sunday, February 14, 2010

To-Do Today

Because, I'm sure you all really want to know:

1)  hygienic rituals (enough said)
2)  wash dishes
3)  launder clothes
4)  clean kittiepoo's "crap shack"
5)  sweep floors
6)  straighten apartment
7)  balance check book
8)  pay bills
9)  gather and take out trash
10)  gym (lower extremities only, per PCP)
11)  yoga
     -min. 5 min pranayama
     -min. 15 min. asana
     -min. 10 min. shavasana
12)  possibly tutor Julia Rose (awaiting her response)
13)  grocery shopping
14)  water plants

Notice, indulging in massive amounts of self-pity is not listed above.  I more than caught up on that yesterday, thanks.

Addendum:  I completed nearly everything on my list (including tutoring Julia in two algebra lessons and doing my parents' dishes, too); the only thing I didn't have enough time for was my yoga, which I will definitely catch up on tomorrow after work (expect a second addendum to this effect).

Om shanti.