Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Simply Business

In September 2008 I sat open-mouthed at my office computer and watched the stock market drop by nearly 800 points in a single day.  It wasn't a huge surprise for me.  I had also followed with considerable interest the Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac implosion, the Bear Stearns debacle, and the AIG bailout.  In response, I made absolutely sure to work my prodigious butt off at the firm.  I came in on holiday weekends, worked without pay, and sacrificed paid sick leave.  I knew how important it was that I shined in the eyes of the partners because the economy doesn't skip sectors - not even the legal field has survived this financial crisis unscathed.

This afternoon, when nearly 25% of our support staff was fired, I was not one of them.  Those that thought they would be safe by playing office politics had a rude awakening today.  And the funny thing is, they assumed they could all come running into my office with their tails b/t their legs and their arms outstretched.  One of them actually said to me, "I'm sorry, Jen; life is too short, you know?"  Oh, I know.  But what you do not realize is that I'm smart enough to keep an eye on the big picture.  It doesn't matter which of the little guys you are buddies with.  You can all band together, but it won't make a speck of difference when the partners are looking at their books.  What they want to see is money and what I'm most concerned with is bringing that profit to them.  Go play your reindeer games elsewhere.  I, for one, have a job to do.