Saturday, February 13, 2010

Risk-Aversive Me

I'm sitting in my living room thinking to myself for about the hundredth time, "All of my friends have either left this town or gotten married and/or had children (so they might as well have left for all the good it does me).  I have absolutely nothing keeping me here (not even a car) outside of my family and my absentee friends.  I need to get the hellfire out of the STL and start a life somewhere that doesn't lead me by the hand into a deep depression...WHY AM I HERE?  My associates in Chicago and New York have offered on numerous occasions to sponsor me (let me reside on their couch/in their guest room) until I can locate a decent job/apartment/grad school.  What is my problem?"  and then I answered myself,  "You, dear Jen, are risk-aversive.  You can not handle even the most remote possibility of instability.  You can't even pay your rent two days late; you're that tightly wound."

I then put down my book (I'd been pretending to read, but had only succeeded in scanning the same paragraph about five times) and started horsing around on the internet.  I'm looking at my blog's "Followers" section, and thinking what a casually insulting term that Blogger has chosen for a title, when I decide to click on Little Pete's icon.  Just because.  Maybe he decided to start up a non-MySpace blog that I could peruse? Who knows? And what do I find listed on LP's member page, but a blog called--Why You Should Get Out of St. Louis fervently devoted to that very topic.  

Yeah.  I know.