Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three-fourths of a Mile

Three-fourths of a mile might not seem like a very long distance to many of you, I'm sure, but it is most assuredly a significant distance for me and I ran that distance tonight.  Upon accomplishing this, I was so elated that blithesome tears--no exaggeration--came to my eyes.

You see, I've had a bad knee (right side) for several years, which has prevented me from doing running of any sort; a very difficult thing for me to cope with b/c I was formerly quite the running enthusiast.  Five years ago, I was doing essentially three miles in fifteen minutes (up and down hills).  Daily.  And I relished it.  It was a point of extreme personal pride.

If you know me at all, you know what a very aberrant thing it was that, one, I was able to run for that distance and with that stamina* and, two, that I was gratified to do it**.  Regardless, I seriously aggravated my knee running downhill on pavement (don't do that!), shortly after I began dating Kenny.  Subsequently, I never found a form of cardio exercise nearly as compelling as running had been for me.

My knee problem got to be so bad that I became completely gun-shy about running.  It was too painful (both physically and mentally) to even consider it, so I tried to make do with "low impact" exercise.  Finally, last week, I decided to give the ol' treadmill a try and see what would happen.  I only ran for a quarter of a mile, but it was a prodigious step for me b/c afterward, I felt no pain.  Nothing.  No pain in my knee while running or in the days following.  So tonight, I tried it again, this time for three-times the original distance and still no pain.

I must be honest, my right knee is feeling a bit loose at the moment (I'm an hour or so out from my run) - not unstable, exactly, but just...sort of...loose.  So in light of this, I will take it easy when I attempt it again on Thursday.  No more sprints at eight minute mile speeds.  More of the easy jogging.  But still.  I ran today.  I fucking ran again.  I can hardly believe it.

Om shanti _/||\_

*I've never been considered "the athletic type."
**Who knew that runner's high could be so irresistible?