Monday, December 7, 2009

Morning Report

Thus far, my new kitty companion has not been too difficult to live with. She does like to claw the couch and to wake me up by meowing insistently and sitting on my head in the night, but isn't that the charm of living with cats? Hopefully, she won't destroy my house while I'm at work today. *fingers crossed*

On my way into work this morning, I took the newly refurbished interstate and cut my drive time by approximately 40%. Oh, how I love highway driving. Randomly, according to MO law, if you are entering a highway on a two-lane ramp that converges into one lane, the drivers in which lane ultimately have to merge? In my opinion, the drivers in the left lane (the lane closest to the lanes of the highway) are in control of the ramp and those in the right lane have to yield. Am I mistaken?

One final thing, my little sister, Rose, is having eye surgery today. Apparently, she is going to be awake for the procedure. The doctor will be giving her a shot in the eye for pain and then will perform the operation. I hope all goes well, poor child. On the bright side, she will get to wear a badass, pirate-type eye patch for awhile, so that will be pretty nifty.

Om shanti.