Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just the Stats Ma'am

I've learned something somewhat unsettling over the past three weeks:  people actually read my blog.  A lot.  According to Google Analytics, I've received the following traffic in the aforementioned time period--

386 Site Visits
156 Unique Visitors
926 Page Views
00:07:24 Average Time on Site
38.86% New Visits

In addition, I've had folks from ten different countries visit this here blogity blog including:  Japan, the UK, Singapore, Pakistan, Egypt, South Korea, Qatar (I don't even know where that is!) and Australia. 

What the hell, you guys?  Why are you reading this thing?  It's freaking me out and turning me into an egomaniac.  I've stayed up till midnight on more occasions than I'd like to admit just to see what the traffic was looking like for the previous 24-hours.  In the past week, I've gotten so self-conscious that I don't even know what to write anymore.

It seems to be high time for me to disengage with Google Analytics.  But if I can't manage to drag myself away from this data source, rest assured that I do not have access to your IP addresses, so I don't know who exactly is following me.  Your secrets are (relatively) safe with Google...

Om shanti.