Sunday, December 13, 2009

Foster Kitty

My foster kitty a/k/a Little Miss Calico (LMC) is all kinda wonderful.  Some of her finer points include:

1)  her sack-o-potatoes stance - she allows me to pick her up in any ol' way, put her in any ol' place, and then she stays there.  I think she is so starved for human attention that she will tolerate just about anything to have this including undignified manipulation of her self and space;

2)  her consideration - ie:  she will not hop onto anything taller than her without first going up onto her hind legs to investigate her intended destination and ensure that she won't knock anything over;

3)  her grace - she is utterly languid in her movement and rarely makes a noise (that is, unless it is time for her to eat--then she will make calculated noises to remind me of the time and announce the necessity of her meal);

4)  her alarm cat modality- she has an uncanny ability to awake me in a timely manner (usually as a consequence of the aforementioned anticipated meal time).  Half of the time I resent her for being so effective in her vocation, but the other half of the time I grudgingly admire her effectiveness;

5)  her smarts - I suspect that her having been an outdoor cat and the consequential intelligence it takes to survive in a dangerous city has increased the plasticity of her kitty brain.  She really does seem to intuitively know what is going on around her and to navigate her environment in the most advantageous manner possible;

6)  her charm - she can make friends with anyone, even people who are afraid of or do not appreciate cats.  My little sister has always avoided felines but within thirty minutes of meeting LMC she was talking to her with obvious affection and by the end of the night LMC had a secure position in Julia's lap;

7)  her appreciation of food - we will probably grow obese together--I don't think I've witnessed another being who eats with more relish than her;

8)  her obedience - she comes when I call her, she listens when I tell her not to do something, and she rarely repeats undesirable behavior;

9)  her calming presence - just having her around seems to decrease my stress level and probably my blood pressure, too; and

10) her sweet companionship - this goes without saying :)

She is scheduled for her surgery on Thursday morning.  Hopefully, all will go well and maybe she will be able to continue to stay with me thereafter.

Om shanti <3