Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Hankering

I can't really explain why, maybe it is all of the latent, post-Christmas consumerism in the air, but I all-of-a-sudden want a homemade broom and I particularly want one constructed by this guy--

After having perused the various products available, it is my feeling that Big Jack makes great brooms.  The following old-fashioned round broom, similar to those crafted by Ben Franklin, according to the Hockaday Handmade Brooms website, is pretty cool--

I'm likin' the witchy look to it, with the crooked, irregular shapes and such, but I doubt it will be of much practical use over a large area (I understand these are best for getting into tight corners).

Rather, this broom will probably be a more appropriate choice for my needs and it was exactly what I envisioned--right down to the red threading--when I first began searching for homemade brooms on the web--

I'm pretty sure my mother and my grandmother both had ones just like it when I was a kiddiepoo.  Isn't it wonderful?  Don't cha just want one for your own hardwood floors?  Well, it is merely $30, which is cheap for a handmade broom!  (I found folks selling brooms similar to these for around $70 on other sites, the scoundrels.)

Finally, I have no conceivable use for this (not being a baker myself), but I wanted to share it with you guys b/c it is just so CUTE--

It is a teensy cake tester broom to hang on your kitchen wall.  Only $5!  I want to buy a bunch and give them to all of my domesticated friends and family.  <3 <3 <3

Om shanti.