Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5,000 Staples

In the past year I have gone through some 5,000 staples.* I think this is an excellent measure of my productivity at the firm.  Considering that I work about a hundred cases at any given time, just THINK of how much paperwork, correspondence, research, evidence, ect. that I process/analyze on any given day.   I. am. superwoman.  Hear me roar.

On another shamelessly boastful note, one of the partners came into my office today to tell me that he had met with my boss on some of our cases and that my boss was confiding in his partner about how much he depends on me and how important it is that we have someone of my superior intelligence level on staff. //preens her peacock feathers//

These guys (the partners) have got me completely snowed.  All they have to do is flatter me and I will work my ass off for practically a pittance.  Last night, I stayed until 6:30 p.m.--they stop paying me at five o'clock--just to make sure that I had returned all of my important calls.   I just kept telling myself, "Work harder.  Bring in more money.  Then, the bonuses will arrive on time, as they do every year."  If we don't get them, I will be seriously hurting for cash come 2010 and that ain't right.   

Om shanti <3

*At my desk alone; this does not include the staples I've used at the copier, nor the staples I've used at the front desk. In addition, I'm more of a paperclip girl, than a stapler (clearly, I can not commit). So take from that what you will...**

** About the use of asterisks--am I the only one who finds this hurt-your-stomach, can't-even-laugh funny??