Monday, November 2, 2009

To Do...

My life has been crazy town for the past week. Consequently, I haven't had the opportunity to post any substantive blogs. Nonetheless, I firmly intend to update my readers on all sorts of things in the very near future. I'm considering writing something about my sex life (which has been ooo-la-la!), a bit about my new inability to finish in-depth books (I've been reading the Upanishads for about 100 years or more and don't even get me started on my failings w/ The People's History of the US), also, I need to update you all on my mum's hand (there is a cage around it now and I’ve got photos to post of same), on my yoga practice (been obsessed with Sun Salutations and arm balances recently), on my new biking buddy and path (not what you might think on either account), how enjoyable Halloween was (roller coasters are super fast in the cold!), the reemergence of an old friend who has found Jesus (moan!) but overcome a terrible addiction (yay!) and a good deal more. Also, I promised Adrian a five-year update post, which I intend to do ASAP.

In the interim, I am keeping up with the salad thing at work. This week I am eating on a Romaine, baby portabella, cucumber, grape tomato, and freshly shaved Romano and Parmesan cheese salad. So scrumdiddlyumptious!