Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Rip in the Sky

Before yoga class began last night, there was some idle talk about the weather.  In response to a comment regarding the torrent of rain we’ve received lately, I complained that I am going absolutely mad without the sun.  Sherry matter-of-factly returned:

The sun is still there.  Sometimes when I meditate, I like to imagine myself flying up over the clouds into the sunlight.

At the time, I thought to myself, “Remember that, Jen.  It might be a useful meditation for you, too.”  The notion of being bathed in sunrays with cotton candy clouds abound deeply appeals to me (needless to say, I adore plane rides!).

However, me being me, I promptly forgot the conversation not very long thereafter.


A moment ago, as I was grabbing something from a filing cabinet, I glanced out my window at the sky.  Directly above me was a minuscule crack in the cloud cover; from my vantage point, the sliver appeared to be the approximate size and shape of a school bus.  Sunlight sprung through the crack in glinting stripes of vivid white and yellow against the grey molted sky.   Peaking through the center was yawning cerulean nirvana.

It seems that the heavens wanted to remind me of something this morning.

Mighty glad that they did, too :)