Monday, November 16, 2009


Some things of note that happened over the weekend -- 

1)  Biked w/ Julia Rose both days - I strongly suspect that I have developed a tush contusion resembling the shape of my bike seat;

2)  Taught a number of tedious yet somewhat engaging algebra lessons;

3)  Procured and ingested Plan B in the wee hours of the morning (still reeling from the massive dose of hormones therein);

4)  Enjoyed time w/ an old friend and watched The Wizard of Oz;

5)  Committed to being able to do a "real" push-up in the next two weeks (my father has provided me with a fool proof plan [famous last words, huh?] to achieve this goal);

6)  Spoke on the phone with my best friend for approx. four consecutive hours (that is how I like her--straight up!);

7)  Given several long-stemmed roses (red, white, and purple) by a generous and affectionate child;

8)  Accomplished a long and sweet home yoga practice;

9)  Discovered the thought-provoking Penn Says series on YouTube--the palatablity of his libertarian viewpoint is obsessing me; and

10)  Drank two luscious milkshakes.

Not too bad of a weekend, considering (see #3 above)...