Friday, November 6, 2009

Jesus IS better than heroin

I will give the Christians that much. Being a Christian sure beats the hell out of being a fucking junkie loser. Speaking of, a very old friend of mine, whom I thought I had lost to heroin, came back from the junked out beyond!  I’m having dinner with him and a mutual friend on Monday.

I can’t lie, I am a little afraid of the possible Jesus freak aspect, but then again, I completely understand where he is coming from. Some people really need that strong grounding and the only way they can get that is from a “higher power.” I’m not being a condescending asshole either, maybe if I wanted to lead a life of complete sobriety, I would need the help of a higher power, too. However, thus far, I have not chosen that lifestyle. Judge me if you must.

What I will not be doing is judging my friend. I am tickled pink to know that we have him back. After having two friends OD and die from that nasty drug and several others disappear into the nether, I’m overjoyed to see one of them beat it. At points, I thought it wasn't even possible to do, but my friend has been clean for years. YEARS!  Fuck yeah, dude! Fuck yeah!!  I can't wait to welcome him back <3

Om shanti.