Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Skills

Nunchaku skills... bowhunting skills... computer hacking skills... 

My mother had the hardware removed from her hand this afternoon.  She was so petrified about the upcoming procedure that she "got a little weepy" with her anesthesiologist beforehand.  In an effort to take her mind off of her troubles, he started cracking jokes with her, a la Napoleon Dynamite.  He told Mom that he didn't want to see her back in his operating room again, on account of her "great rollerblading skills."  On a side note, due to her fierceness, my mom was nicknamed Dynamite by her grandfather when she was a little girl.  Somehow, that made their conversation all the more fitting :)

Also, while the surgeon had my mom opened up, she stretched Mom's tendons in the injured fingers, just to be sure that everything was still functioning properly and that atrophy wouldn't be an issue.  Mom said that even while under general anesthesia, she still felt that pain.  *grimace*  Hopefully, this will all be over soon!

Om shanti, Momma <3