Friday, November 6, 2009

Global Warming Is My Friend

Okay, yes, I see where global warming is probably causing serious irrevocable harm to the environment and, yes, I realize that we'll probably wipe out the human race with the effects, but DAMN DO I LOVE THIS WARM WEATHER!  I love it, my wallet loves it, the birds love it.  It is just a complete pleasure.  The forecast for the next couple of days is, as follows:

Today:  Sunny, 67|51
Tomorrow:  Sunny, 72|51
Sunday:  Mostly sunny, 72|51

Yes, yes, YES!!  This means I can open up my windows again and I can go bike riding both days this weekend and I don't have to concern myself with jackets and boots and being cold.  How wonderful!  This is the best November EVAR.