Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dolphin to Peacock to Scorpion

In class tonight we started work on Scorpion Pose.  To begin, you come into Dolphin Pose (Advadanta Sirsasana) -- your back is facing the wall and your finger tips are about ten inches away from it.


Then you kick your legs up to the wall and come into Peacock Pose (Mayurasana).


From there, you walk your legs down the wall into Scorpion Pose (Vrschikasana).


Three students attended class this evening (including myself).  Of the students, only one (not me) was able to go into Scorpion.  However, I was able to kick up into Peacock, which was a great triumph b/c I have been attempting to kick up into Handstand for months.  I was beginning to despair that I was incapable of a kick-up.  Now that I've demonstrated that I can execute this move into Peacock, it provides me with the encouragement and hope that I might one day be able to kick into Handstand, as well.

Another galvanizing insight discovered while working on this series of poses is what I like to facetiously call "the secret to my home practice."  When attempting Handstand at home, I could never get the full activation of my core muscles that I was looking for.  It always felt like I had a whole lotta nothing happening in and around my abdomen.

As I was discussing this issue with Sherry tonight, she made the superb point that, since I am up against the wall and my body is not perpendicular to the floor, my lower back ends up in a slight backbend.  The backbend is what is preventing me from activating my core appropriately.  Therefore, Sherry recommended that I practice Peacock with my belly facing the wall.  This will allow me to master coming away from the wall without worrying about losing my balance and crashing to the floor.  Instead, if I lose my balance, I'll just bump back into the wall and then I can try again.  Also, this will help me to cultivate that core strength and balance I seek while in an inversion!

Very, very exciting developments!!

Om shanti <3