Wednesday, November 4, 2009

About Sex

Obligatory TMI Alert (as if the title wasn't enough notice)

In the past, I’ve had various friends tell me in a lovingly begrudging manner that I am the single most dirty-minded person that they have ever known. I took great pride in that characterization. I’ve been around and seen things and DONE things and boy did I have fun. *grins sunnily* Perhaps even enough fun to last a lifetime.... After Kenny and I started dating, I noticed that I wasn’t as libidinous as I once was. I suspected that I was settling down or that maybe the stress of my adult life was dampening my sex drive. That conceivably I wouldn’t fully experience my lusciously hedonistic sexuality any longer.

Please do not misunderstand me; the issue was not with Kenny as a partner. He is clearly an obscenely good-looking guy and not without talents of his own (he has seen and done some things himself). To be absolutely clear (for my own pleasure in recounting this), when we first got together, I would voluntarily, nay, joyfully wake up an hour earlier than I needed to in the morning just to watch Ken undress for his morning shower; then I would awake again, after his shower, to watch him dress for work (this is when he wore two-piece suits to his office and, man-oh-man, does that boy look good in a suit and tie). As a result of this, I was so often habitually late to work (sometimes 60 minutes tardy!) in the first several months that we were together that I actually received a disciplinary action for it–the only one I’ve ever gotten in my eight years at the firm.

After awhile, all of that seemed to cool from a red hot boil to a low simmer. I concluded that after you are with a person for a length of time, you just get comfortable. Things are good, but they aren’t brilliant, right? WRONG. It wasn’t that at all. It was the birth control I was taking that had done this to me (I had never taken BC, prior to dating Ken). Even though the BC was an ultra low dose of progesterone, it utterly decimated my libido. Since I had such a fantastically high sex drive originally, it simply appeared that mine had developed into the “average” sex drive that the majority of women ostensibly possess (or at least what most women are thought to have; I suspect that a lot of women want more orgasms and more sexual play–they just aren’t getting their needs met by their partners or otherwise, but I digress...)

In conclusion, now that I’m off the BC, my sex drive has come back WITH A VENGEANCE. It is awe-inspiring. I feel like I have the lascivious old me back and she is an absolutely delightful girl to be around. I’d give you more details, but it just wouldn’t be prudent ;)