Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weeeeeeeee! Weekend Plans

With great anticipation, I am looking forward to all of the splendid events of this coming weekend, as follows:

1) Early Saturday morning--St. Louis Audubon Society's storage facility sale w/ over 60 boxes of books, wooden book shelves, and lots of other stuff I'd enjoy owning, but probably can not afford;

2) Later Saturday morning/early afternoon--TreeHouse Wildlife Center's open house (in Alton, IL). This is the experience I am most looking forward to b/c I am obsessed with the raptors (THWC cares for a wide variety of owls, hawks, eagles, falcons, etc). Plus, the fall foliage along the Great River Road is most certainly aflame and, typically, many birds of prey can be seen along this route. So thrilling!;

3) Saturday afternoon--birding with Christina, Andy, and her folks!! I feel honored to be able to bird with such pros. Also, Christina is going to let me use her binoculars (as I am too poor to afford my own, at the moment), which I am very, very grateful for!  This is such a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about how to spot and identify the birdies. Weeeee!; and

4) Sunday evening (5:30 p.m., to be exact)--Greer's belly dancing performance at Queen of Sheeba a few blocks north of the U-City Loop. Ya'll should come join us! (Especially you, Crystal!) Mmm...I'm looking forward to sampling their home-made, honey wine, as well :)

Hope you all have grand weekend plans ahead :)

Om shanti!