Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on Mi Mommason

To those of you who have been privately inquiring as to the status of my mother’s recent health issues, please note that she has successfully had her hand operated upon and is currently enjoying (as much as she may downplay it) her super strong pain medications.

With relation to the surgery particulars, mom was lucky enough to get the first appointment of the day (which is reputed to be propitious, as the surgeons are supposed to be the most fresh and focused at the beginning of their days) and, also, Mom was fortunate to have Washington University Physicians heading her surgical team (personally, I think they are some of the best in St. Louis).

It seems that the fractures were much more challenging to repair than what was first anticipated. She had something like six bone fragments that had to be mended together with various hardware in just one of her two injured fingers. Dad reported that the surgery took over four hours (Mom was fully anesticized during this time) and that at least four physicians and four physician’s assistants/nurses were involved. Thus far, the follow-ups have been good, but we won’t know for sure if her hand is going to be fully functional until Mom's two month follow-up (if I am remembering correctly). So, fingers crossed (when will the hand puns get old?? I just don’t know ;)

With relation to the pain medications prescribed, I’ve never seen my mom more relaxed and easy-going. When I was over last week, she was in full sweats, hair a mess, and eating chocolate pudding with obvious relish (which is no small feat, considering that her cast leaves her right hand and fingers pretty much immobile). If the kids tried to give her any trouble, mom would just laugh it off and good naturedly tease them in return. I also noted that she had taken control of the television (something she usually abhors) and was repeatedly watching her favorite scenes from You’ve Got Mail (which we also kidded her about to no end).

It was kinda nice to see my mom all drugged up. This may sound strange to some, but you have to understand the depths of my mother’s propensity toward being a frenzied control freak. Also, she never drinks or does any sort of drugs, so it is thoroughly comical and uniquely unusual to see her so contentedly playful and unperturbed. I’m likin’ my new smashed momma! ;)

Om shanti.