Monday, October 5, 2009

Uh-Oh, Song Birds...

As I was pulling a file out of one of my cabinets today, I happened to glance outside and noticed a bird of prey floating outside my 10th floor window! I ran into my co-worker's office and pointed out the bird to her. At this point, he was almost too high to see and she was nearly as surprised as I was to witness a good-sized raptor soaring about downtown Clayton (of all places!).

I feel sorry for all of the song birds in the area. Ya'll is in serious trouble! For real, tho. *cue the Jaws theme song*

Om shanti (hopefully!)

ADDENDUM: I've been wondering if there is some sort of symbolic explanation for my seeing so many birds of prey recently. If anyone (Greer) can elucidate, please let me know! :)