Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top 10 Newly Discovered (By Me) Documentary Films

I'd like to share with you some documentary films that have recently left an impression on me (in no particular order), as follows:

1) Crips and Bloods: Made in America
"part of the mechanics of oppressing people, is to pervert them to the extent that they become the instruments of their own oppression" -- a history of the above gangs, but also a history of oppression in America. If you see only one film on this list, let it be this one!;

2) The US vs. John Lennon
a love story, really--sweetness;

3) Ballerina (2009)
a gorgeous film about Russian ballerinas in progressive stages of artistic development, including one heck of a prima ballerina;

4) The Bridge
regarding the relationship b/t the Golden Gate Bridge and its suicides (not what you might think);

5) This Film is Not Yet Rated
an enlightening look at the pervasive censorship inherent in the US rating system--sexy, too;

6) Jesus Camp
a deeply, deeply disturbing, fascinating, and (approaching) objective story of a fundamentalist, Christian, summer camp and the children therein--I've spoken w/ former fundamentalist/charismatic Christians who have verified that this film is not depicting an extreme example, rather these happenings are very common for children brought up in this faith;

7) Lake of Fire
an attempt at a balanced examination of the abortion issue in The States--FAIR WARNING--abortion procedures are graphically depicted in this film;

8) Deliver Us From Evil
a comprehensive contemporary and historical look at systemic child molestation in the Catholic church--be prepared for uncontrollable outrage at the Catholic hierarchy for consistently protecting these predators;

9) Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion
an important film about a unique culture--also, some incredibly provocative information about the CIA's involvement in the Tibet/China conflict; and

10) The Life of Birds
a David Attenborough documentary in ten parts. If you love birds and/or Attenborough, this film will not fail to delight!

Om shanti, film lovers <3