Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Strange Dreams

I’m not certain if it was the loving conversation I had with Christina regarding surrealism or the surreal conversation I had with Steve regarding love, but something yesterday evening triggered in my subconscious a string of bizarre dreams over the course of my slumbers. I can’t recall much of my dreamscape, but I do remember the last dream from the series.

This dream involved me waking up to a severely flooded kitchen. The oven hood was dripping with water, as was one of the light fixtures. (I remember assuming that the leak must have originated with an upstairs neighbor’s plumbing issue, however, some dream friends later reminded me that I lived on the topmost floor, so it couldn’t have been what I theorized.) Not pools, but lakes of water had formed on my floors. The entirety of my kitchen and adjoining living room were ruined. Everything was heavy with water. I expected angry cries from my downstairs neighbors at any moment (although, none ever came).

Even more peculiar was that I could not seem to remember that I had a flood on my hands. I kept wandering out of my kitchen with the intent to get dressed and would instantly forget the watery disaster once it was out of my line of sight. In addition, I couldn’t seem to contact my landlord for aid. I repeatedly attempted to dial his number, but my cell phone would doggedly skip past him in my electronic phone book and the key pad would steadily malfunction. When I did finally get through, after what seemed like infinite failed attempts, I could hardly discern a word he was saying and he sounded completely alien to me.

Just before I awoke from the dream, I was still without pants, hair unkempt, face unwashed and standing in a pool of water. I felt vaguely embarrassed and ashamed at my ineptness, but also completely unengaged. It was as if I had been cut adrift from myself. I’d imagine that is what insanity feels like.

Om shanti.

Dream symbols, as per Greer:
house/building - represents your mind
water - represents emotion
kitchen - represents nurturing
missing clothing - represents feelings of vulnerability

Given the whole Kenny situation, this is a dream easily interpreted.

Even my subconscious is not especially subtle, huh?