Thursday, October 1, 2009

Regarding This Here Blog

As my oldest friends will tell you, I was an avid diarist from a fairly young age. In fact, I un-fondly recall my third-grade self haplessly coming upon my younger brother, Chris, while he was in our parents' garage gleefully reading one of my frilly, gilded, pink diary entries to his rapt best friend. Unfortunately, said best friend happened to be the subject of said entry, an entry that could only be characterized as a naive, perfectly unspoiled, "girlish" frenzy of emotion. I no longer possess that diary, having summarily destroyed it and shortly thereafter having attempted to summarily destroy my brother, as well (Hi, Chris!--love you). However, I have kept nearly all of my other journals (I switched off diaries shortly after that incident—needing to write in something not quite so obviously private and, well, girlish) and these journals currently take up the space of a bookshelf in my bedroom.

I journaled religiously all through my teenage years. When I was a homeless vagrant, one of the few items that was invariably carted around in my shabby book bag was an even shabbier journal. I stopped writing in college b/c I hardly had the time for anything other than academic writing. After I graduated in Dec. '07, I thought I would pick up journaling again, but I haven't. I just can't seem to get accustomed to writing at any length on paper. I'm addicted to cut and paste, spell check, and immediate Internet fact checking. In a way, I want this blog, this web log, to be the journal that I no longer keep. I figure you all can keep me honest and keep me writing. (Although, I can't promise that there won't be at least some frenzied, possibly unspoiled emotion herein--at least, I hope there will be!)

So in light of this, I've come up with some points of significance regarding commenting:

1) All feedback is good feedback. I'm very glad to receive your private e-mail messages, texts, calls and such regarding my blog entries. However, ideally, I'd like you all to actually comment on the blog itself. For a couple of reasons, including: a) it will prevent my duplicating my efforts by privately responding to several people who all have similar comments; b) I enjoy the atmosphere of the give and take in a comment section--it is appealing to see people interacting; and c) my ego likes it (I'm not gonna lie)--receiving comments encourages me to continue writing.

2) Please let me know, if you are having any technical issues commenting, and I will try to assist. For example, if the comment form requires a link, you can just put any old random link in the form and it will let you post your comment--you don't have to be linking to your own blog/web page (in response to my first blog, Jess put in her comment form "," which was pretty clever of her);
ADDENDUM: I understand that often Blogger/Blogspot will not allow you to post a comment on your first attempt (it will give you an error message), but if you just resubmit your comment immediately after it denies you, the comment should go straight through.

3) For my part, I will be sure to play the part of the conscientious moderator. If anyone leaves an asinine comment (which I doubt my friends/family would do), I will be sure to delete it and ask that person privately to cease and desist w/ the assholery. In turn, I hope that you, Gentle Reader [a Salinger conceit—forgive me], will approach commenting in a similarly respectful and discreet manner.

With no further ado, I will return to my blogging.
Om shanti.