Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raptor Spotting

I spotted a hunting raptor while driving through Tower Grove Park early this afternoon. I think it was one of the Cooper's Hawks, but my eyes aren't that great. It could very well have been a Broad-winged or a Sharp-shinned. His underside seemed really splotchy--so I wonder if he was a juvenile? I regret that I didn't have any freaking binoculars with me at the time so that I could have made a more definitive ID.

Regardless, it was a completely breath-taking sight to see. I was chatting with my little brother on the phone when I first noticed him swooping over the canopy. I began deliriously shouting into my cell, "Look! Look at the raptor!! Look at him!! He is hunting just over the treetops." Tim, of course, calmly reminded me that he couldn't see anything, birds or otherwise, through the phone. I quickly pulled my car over and got out to watch him circle the area. The hawk began to spiral ever upward (apparently having missed his prey) until I could hardly see him anymore, until he was but a spec high in the sky.

There is something special about seeing a raptor in flight. I felt as if I had been chosen to see him, if that makes any sense. Like he had bestowed a favor upon me by even appearing in my line of vision.

This bird made my afternoon :) :) :)

Om shanti.