Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Grasshopper

My sister, Julia Rose, is in the thick of her first year of high school. She is enrolled in an online program and predominately is schooled out of the home. I have been recruited to mentor her in her algebra studies, which is working out rather well b/c I had to refresh my algebra skills while studying for my GRE (Graduate Record Exam) last fall.

What has astounded me about this process is how much of the material that Julia is currently learning as a high school freshman is the exact same material that college graduates have to master in anticipation of the exam that is utilized by graduate programs to narrow down potential applicants. It is, in effect, as if college math isn’t even necessary (at least not in my field of choice). Schools just want to rest assured that applicants are able to logically attack a math problem in the most efficacious manner possible, which is sort of comforting.

Can I take this opportunity to brag on my little sister? I am thoroughly impressed by her complete self-motivation and personal responsibility toward her studies. My mother was relating to me how upset Julia had been over getting a score of 75% on one of her recent science quizzes. My mom jokingly commented that Julia is a little task master just like her big sister. When we were studying her lesson tonight, Rose actually surpassed me in her command of the material! Ah, grasshopper. I’ve never been so pleased to be shown up by my little sister. I hope she continues in this vein for the entirety of her high school career :)

Om shanti.