Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mastering The Jump Back

I am exhilarated to report that in class last night I was finally, finally able to perform the jump back into plank pose from a standing position. This is a vital maneuver to learn, if you want to achieve nicely flowing sun salutations (SS).

Sun Salutation B:

Those familiar with SS know that the goal is to move into a pose and achieve said pose on an inhalation/exhalation only, then you move into the next pose on a new inhalation (if the pose prior was on an exhalation or vice versa). In SS you have very little time/breath to get into a pose--hence, the importance of the jump back (as walking your legs back from standing takes a heck of a lot more time than simply jumping back).

If you want to see what this move looks like, check out the following video of a rather gorgeous yoga practitioner achieving the jump back most sublimely (although, I must point out that his is more of a float back than a jump back).

Om shanti.