Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Of late, a friend of mine has inspired me with her healthy eating and home-cooked meals that she brings into our office for lunch every day.  As a result of her good example, this past Sunday I decided to depart from my normal frozen food lunch selections and do a little experiment.  At the store, I purchased a number of salad ingredients, in order to see how long they'd last me at work and in order to determine what the ultimate cost would be for fresh lunches.  The fixin's purchased included a luscious head of green leaf lettuce, a few roma tomatoes, a package of baby portabellas, and a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette (all picked up at the local Shop-N-Save for under $10, by the way).

On Monday morning, I brought in all of the salad items in one big grocery bag and stuck it in our office fridge.  At the start of my lunch hour, I made myself a yummy salad.  I've been eating salad like this for the past several days and it is working out much better than I first assumed it might.  I'm going to have more than enough food left over for a fourth salad tomorrow.  That is four healthy and relatively large lunch salads for less than $2.50 each!  How happy am I?  I feel as though I have been freed from the frozen food lunch rut that I have been stuck in for months now.