Saturday, October 3, 2009

"How do you LINE YOUR VAGINA with Skittles?!"

Let's see, relationship and sex advice from a couple of stoned (and sometimes tipsy) roommates who have absolutely no qualifications to warrant their dispensing said advice? Me thinks, YES! A capital idea.

Seriously though, this video series makes me both despair for our society and laugh, and laugh, and laugh and laugh.... I can't defend it, but I can admit to having watched multiple episodes in a row. How could I not? Rich looks exactly like a young John Malkovich, which is reason enough right there! (Don't judge me.)

Take a looksie! Promise it won't hurt--after a couple of moments, you'll just snuggle down into their cozy nook of banality.

"Do People Really Use Condoms For Blow Jobs?" from Pot Psychology on Vimeo.
Om shanti, kids ;0

PS Uh, does anyone know what Rich is referring to when he speaks of the "rosebud, flower blossom" aspect of anal fisting? I am so lost...