Thursday, October 15, 2009

Give KWMU Your $ (please!)

Today is the start of my local NPR station's FALL FUNDRAISING DRIVE [insert super-perky and annoyingly excited voice inflection here], and in anticipation of this, one of KWMU's volunteers called me on my cell yesterday to try to solicit a donation.  It didn't go well. 

Listen, KWMU, your volunteers are assholes.  Seriously.  Whenever they contact me they are always incredibly rude and I am always working, which I tell them politely.  Thus, KWMU, I think it would behoove your station to direct your volunteers to note what time of day the people on their call lists are available or, alternatively, direct your volunteers to not call adults in the middle of a business day and automatically expect them to be free.

In the volunteers' defense, I can never afford to donate when they call, randomly, out of the blue, expecting me to promptly open my threadbare wallet to them. Still, they could at least TRY to be a little nicer and maybe then I would feel more inclined to find a way to donate.  In addition, when your volunteers answer the phone, to take a pledge, that would also probably be a good time for them to practice some kindness--just a suggestion, KWMU.  I mean, for pity's sake, do you want the supporters of your organization to have a pleasant experience and donate again, or do you want them to have a negative experience and dread the moment that they will ever be confronted with the occasion to talk to the jerks that contact them on your behalf?  (Thank the goddesses for online donations!)

Anyway, I got paid today (finally--a day late--thank you lame ass payroll company) and donated a small gift online.  I figured, true, KWMU's volunteers are really bothersome people, but the station itself is wonderful and I do listen to it pretty much incessantly, so I might as well give them something.

If you feel the same way, here is a link to KWMU's membership donation page (and whatever you do, remember, DO NOT give them your phone number!!):

KWMU Membership Donation site

OM shanti.