Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gender Queer: Celebrating Re 'lion' ships

The following are some amazing collages created by my new friend and local artist extraordinaire, Chrissy McClarren (captions are Chrissy's too), from her award winning Subterranean Books exhibit:

The Largest Collage: As the lioness wields the sword, the lion ponders this switch in roles; she licks him reassuringly as she takes a turn at taking charge.

The Medium Size Collage: Winking at him as she steals the show, the lioness lets him bask in her marvels; she’s confident he will support her liberated passions rather than be threatened by them.

The Smallest Collage: the lioness is relaxed as laughter bellows from the belly of the cosmos…at the antics of gender.

All three collages in the window - just a tad bit of reflection, eh?

Incidentally, the last photograph from this collection reflects the very first apartment in which I ever paid to live so I somehow feel even more emotionally involved with these pieces :)

If you'd like to see more of Chrissy's work, I've included links to further collections of hers below...

Many thanks to the artist for allowing me to share her work here :)

Om shanti <3