Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Agreeable Day

I made it to Saturday morning yoga today!! I'm so proud of myself for getting my booty up and out of bed. None of the usual suspects were in class this morning. No Colette, no Curtis (I still haven't given up on his returning--I miss your harmonization skills and your rock solid energy, man!), no Constance, no Sydney, and no Greer. I long for the bygone days when I was the newbie surrounded by the masters. There is something very, very disconcerting about Sherry looking at me in class and saying, "Hey, Jen, what is the classic yogic breath ratio? 1-2-3, right?" As if I know what the heck is going on. What happened to our old school yogis and yoginis? ... Seriously, where have they gone?

Don't get me wrong, the other two students in class where fine people and dedicated practitioners. Sarah (I believe was her name) got into one hell of a Virabhadrasana (Warrior) III, too. Girlfriend had perfectly level hips. When we were working on it in pairs and I watched Sarah come into her pose, I couldn't help but exclaim to Sherry and the other student (whose name escapes me--I am terrible with names) "LOOK! Look how pretty she is in this pose, you guys!!"

Virabhadrasana III

I realized in class what I currently need to be focusing on in my home practice (other than my core and arm strength--that much is a given), which is keeping my chest high and breathing into my back ribs. I've finally gotten to a place where I know exactly what these things mean, what they feel like, and what they look like. For years Sherry has been reminding me, "Jen, lift your heart, lift your chest, remember to breathe into your back ribs"--but it was like French to me. Now, I get it. I can't achieve it with any consistency, but at least I know where to aim now. I've got you in my sights, back ribs!

After yoga, I came home and slept for a few hours and had some exceedingly strange dreams. Probably as a result of my leaving NPR going in the background. My brain was probably integrating KWMU's afternoon schedule into my dreams, which made for an intriguing dreamscape. I wish I could remember them. Greer has reminded me over and over to write them down upon waking, but I haven't kept a dream journal since I was a teenager. Laziness is definitely a factor, that and my inability to get up any earlier than when I absolutely have to (that is probably laziness, too, huh?).

Following my refreshing nap, I went roller blading w/ my mom, youngest sister, Cayleen, and niece, Emily. It was a really lovely experience b/c Emily and I were able to enjoy an extended period of time together (something we rarely are able to do since Chris only has his kids every other weekend). Emily is the sort of child who will "save" grasshoppers that she finds on the trail, by stopping and moving them off the path in order to prevent them from being smooshed by a bike rider. Over the course of that trip we saved a tiny garter snake, a wooly black caterpillar, and other such diminutive creatures. I have to admit that I was glad to have someone with us who also felt compelled to spare these critters from a very likely crushing death. My immediate family is inclined to just skate on by. Emily wouldn't consider it. In fact, I half suspect that her whole aim in going on this skating trip with us was to rescue the small beings that she encountered along the way. I simply can not express how endearing that is to me.

After roller blading we ate dinner together. Timmy and Dad made one hell of a meal: home-made, baked mac & cheese, sauteed asparagus, a decadent garden salad, and baked chicken (which I didn't eat, of course, but which everyone else reported was delectable). Dad read a little bit of my blog and remarked on what a good writer he thought I was (very sweet and misguided of him!), while Em and I did some yoga poses together (I taught her balancing bear).

All in all, an agreeable day, I think :)

Om shanti <3